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Tony Hawk Net Worth

  • Tony hawk net worth is $ 140 million

It has been noted that Tony hawk is one of the richest skateboarders of our time. With that in mind, let me inform you about this man who is flourishing in the world of entertainment. Tony hawk was born in 1968 in Carlsbad. He started working as a news radio personality. It is at this point that that Tony hawk started building his wealth. Now, Tony hawk net worth is $ 140 million.

Who Is Tony Hawk?

Tony hawk is re-known Skateboarder, Actor, Radio personality, Film Producer and a Philanthropist. Many people assume that great people come from Hollywood. But, you would be wrong if you thought the same about Tony hawk. Tony hawk was born and educated in Carlsbad but, he was born to parents from the United States of America. Hawk begun his career very early. Prior to stepping into acting, Tony hawk was a radio personality. He has had a very successful career since stepping into the entertainment business.

Tony Hawk, photographed by celebrity photographer, Dale May.

Tony Hawk’s Net Worth

Tony has been in the entertainment field for quite some time now and I can gladly tell you that he has made it big. Many people speculate that Tony hawk net worth is $120 million which is not true.  Hawk has worked for a very long time and that explains why he is rich. As a matter of fact, Tony Hawk’s net worth stands at approximately $ 140 million. Oh God! I wish that were me. Besides having lots of cash, Tony Hawk owns several cars as well as a palatial residence.

5 Interesting Facts About Tony Hawk’s Net Worth

Mr. Hawk worked as a skateboarder, actor, radio personality, film producer and philanthropist

  • The skateboarder was born of American parents, who lived in Carlsbad
  • Hawk started learning acting in the early 70’s, in Carlsbad
  • Tony hawk started working with the NBC news company

It seems the entertainment world has got so much to offer to individuals who embrace it.