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Katt Williams net worth

Katt Williams net worth is $10 million all thanks to his talent. He is an actor, comedian, rapper, television producer, film producer, writer and voice actor.

Who is Katt Williams?

Katt William’s life started off Black American Parents 2nd of September, 1973. Katt Williams was married and had one kid but he also lives with seven other kids whom he had adapted.  It was stated that Katt Williams house help claimed custody of one of his adopted children through court. Katt never contested this allegation at all. But he turned around insulting the nana to be a shameless individual. Katt’s net worth is estimated at $ 10million but there are a number of rumours being flashed around that Katt has critical cases affecting his being.


How Katt Williams net worth So Huge

Kat Williams has a huge net worth estimated at $10 million. He has earned his fortune through his works in comedy, acting, production and rapping. He attained a majority of his net worth from rapping, acting and business. He was paid well for his roles in the shows that are running since the 90’s.  He was a co-creator of a number of movies as well as comedy productions. The show earned a lot from the sale to syndication and production of DVD box sets from the show. His movies Curb Your Enthusiasm was also a big earner along with is role in Friday After Next. He was co-creator and executive  producer for the show, which was also a huge success.

5 Interesting Facts about Kat Williams net worth

Here are 5 interesting facts about Larry’s net wealth.

  • He has many court cases pending in court.
  • He has publicly denied his net worth. He claims that the figures are absurd and that he does not have that kind of money.
  • The Friday After Next movie alone has earned him a majority of his net worth.
  • He is ranked as one of the richest comedians.
  • His current net worth is at $10 million

As he grew richer Katt Williams says he developed an allergy for caviar and he says this is the perfect metaphor for his life.