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Aaron Rodgers and His Highest Paid Contract

Aaron Rodgers and His Highest Paid Contract

As one of the best quarterback football player in the USA, it was revealed that Aaron Rodgers contract for this season should be 1 billion dollars. Is it becoming reality? Well I don’t think so, since the Green Bay Packers still has mediation with the Aaron Rodgers for that amount of the contract. The contract said that Aaron Rodgers would received about $100million over four years which is meant in each year he is paid about $25million. Aaron Rodgers side said that the player won’t extend the contract if the management doesn’t give him about 1 billion dollar. Well, the management of Aaron Rodgers said that this man is deserving for $1billion contract because he is placed in number one skill player, beats Graham Harrell in number 2 and B.J. Coleman in number three. Rumor has it that if Aaron Rodgers agreed with Green Bay Packers offers for $25milion annual earning a year, it means that he has to signed 40 year contract to deal with $1bilion he asked for. That’s why with that amount of contract that Aaron Rodgers wants, the Green Bay Packers still thinks twice about this condition.

Aaron Charles Rodgers has been quarterback for the  Green Bay Packers since 2005. It was revealed that Aaron Rodgers has been renewing his contract with the time in last 2007. In last 2005, Green Bay Packers dealing $7.7 million with him including $5.4 million in guaranteed money and about  $24.5 million for incentives. Aaron Rodgers proved that Green Bay Packers didn’t make a mistake spending that much money to buy him because he becomes one of notable quarterback player in the NFL. And since the contract with Green Bay Packers ends in this year, both sides still in mediation to talk about new contract value.

Some people and media journalist both agreed that Aaron Rodgers for the $1billion contract. And if that Green Bay Packers agree with it, Aaron Rodgers will become highest paid player in NFL History.