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Akon Ranked 80 in Forbes, How Much is His Net Worth?

Akon Ranked 80 in Forbes, How Much is His Net Worth?

Senegalese American R&B and hip hop recording artist and songwriter Akon has placed his name as one of the richest hip hop star with net worth amount $80 million. Don’t be shocked with that amount of money, since Akon is one of notable rapper in the world and also spread his in on business venture too that make him able to raise that amount of money. Everybody knows that Akon 2004 debut album Trouble receiving platinum and becomes his first commercial successful album. After that repeatedly Akon makes people impressed by several awards and platinum that he received for. Akon probably the only rapper that holds the number one and two positions in Billboard Hot 100. Despite that Akon probably the most achieved rappers in Hollywood since he has received 6 times platinum and¬† five Grammy Awards nominations. Not only that he also stated as the number one singer which is the song becoming a #1downloaded ringtone in the world. Forbes then placed Akon in number 80 on Forbes celebrity top 100 and no 6 Top Digital Songs Artists of the decade. Despite earning money from that achievement, Akon also best known a business man too. For 2010, Pepsi chooses Akon as the producer and record their single “Oh Africa”. Seems not enough, Akon also launched his own clothing line named Konvict Clothing in 2007. With that achievement and venture, Forbes reported that Akon annual earning is $12 million in 2008, $20 million in 2009, $21 million in 2010 and $13 million in 2011.

Akon proudly said that Senegal as his hometown although he also gets the American nationality too. His parents are devoted their self in art, his mother is a dancer and a ¬†percussionist father. Since very young stage, Akon has been mastered at least five instrumental equipment. Akon’s singing abilities were known by rapper Lil’ Zane and brought him to Upfront Megatainment. Akon started to make people recognize him after he also appeared in collaboration with New Zealand’s rapper Savage and hip-hop producer P-Money as a featured vocalist. On June 29, 2005, Akon released his solo debut album Trouble which has brought him up to the popularity.

Akon maybe not the only one richest rapper in the world. But since he is still productive and creative, people then predict that Akon has still been able to raise his amount of money more.