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Andre 3000’s Assets and His Net Worth

Andre 3000's Assets Worth

Andre 3000 is one of outstanding raper with amount net worth about $45million. Andre 3000 accumulated his amount of money not just from rapper path. This man also known as multi instrumentalist and yet he is a great director and producer where some of his work gave him amount of money too. Andre 3000 also appeared in some movies and television series such as Families, The Shield, Be Cool, Revolver, Semi-Pro, and Four Brothers that play important role in his net worth amount too. Seems not enough, Andre 3000 spreading his wings for the Cartoon Network as the producer for animation film Class 3000. Those ventures and project help Andre 3000 to raise more amount of money so he deserves for that $45million. Wont stop here, Andree 300 also launched his own clothing line named “Benjamin Bixby” in 2008.  Even it’s not too long to survive, but currently Andre 300 makes a statement that he soon will launch another clothing line which means help him to earn more money too. He is also endorsing a print advertising campaign from Declare Yourself that gave him some money too.

André Lauren Benjamin or better known as Andre 3000 said that he is really interested in hip hop since very young. That’s why he then well known becomes apart from OutKast duo alongside rapper Big Boi. After graduated from high school, altogether with his friend  Antwan “Big Boi” Patton, Andre 300 signed to LaFace label and both launched debut album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, in 1994. After that Andre 3000 started to gain popularity through OutKast name and received some awards and nominations. In 2007 without leaving OutKast, Andre 3000 tries his luck through solo career and appeared featured with several singers like Jay Z, Ciara and Kesha. Andre 3000 hasn’t married but he has a son named Seven Sirius Benjamin who was born in 2007 with Rn’B singer  Erykah Badu.

Among some rapper and hip Hop singer, I think Andre 3000 is the rarest one who has a good reputation. Despite very talented in music, his business instinct also helps Andre 3000 to rise more and money.