Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth

 Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth

Mark Zuckerberg net worth a founder of mega social media site Facebook is $34 million a in January 2015 according to Forbes. Mark Zuckerberg became an instant billionaire at his young age with his brand new social media Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg annual salary in 2013 was $2.27 billion, it came from his $1 billion salary in Facebook and his asset in Accure TSX car. Mark Zuckerberg annual salary rises every year, it because hi mart investment in acquiring on applications and companies, including Whatssapp which was bought by Facebook for $19 billion, also other popular application like Instagram which made Facebook became stronger and more popular used by billion people on earth.

Full Name, Name  Mark Zuckerberg
Age, Born  May 14, 1984 (age 30) White Plains, New York, U.S.
Net Worth  $ 34 billion a in 2015, with $2.7 billion annual salary
Source of Wealth  Facebook, CEO
Assets  Palo Alto House, Accura TSX Car, Facebook
Family  Priscilla Chan (married 2012)

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