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Cash Money Records: Birdman Net Worth 2017

  • Birdman net worth is $110 million
  • Birdman was sued by Lil Wayne for $51 million
  • Bryan “Birdman” Williams is the co-founder of Cash Money Records


Source: Billboard

Lawsuit: Birdman vs Lil Wayne

Birdman is an American rapper, producer and CEO. The rapper Lil Wayne sued Birdman for $51 million. However, things were different going as far back as 20 years. Lil Wayne was signed to Cash Money Records, Birdman’s record label, at a young age and the two artists treated each other like family.


Why did Lil Wayne Sue Birdman?

The drama goes back to 2014. Lil Wayne quit Cash Money Records because, Cash Money Records had not paid royalties. Things got worse when the record label did not release his album Tha Carter V. The royalties along with other dues added up to over $51 million.

Cash Money Records: Birdman Net Worth


Cash Money Records is where most of Bridman’s net worth comes from. In 1991, Birdman and his brother Ronald Williams created Cash Money Records. Cash Money grew to be one of the most iconic record labels in American history. The record label signed the most prominent artists of today including Drake, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne.


Cash Money Records has an estimated net worth of $300 million.

Source: Rap Up

An important success factor for Cash Money Records was a deal with Republic Universal. Back then, it was known as Universal Records. Universal Records played an important role in the success of Cash Money Records. Cash Money Records was not doing that great until it signed a distribution deal with Universal Republic. In 1998, Cash Money signed a $30 million pressing and distribution contract with Universal. The contract entitled the label to 85% of its royalties, 50% of its publishing revenues and ownership of all masters.


Birdman – Priceless

The success of Cash Money Records made Birdman very rich. He also released many successful albums along the way which only added to his earnings. For example, in 2009 he released the album Priceless. The best song on the album featured Lil Wayne. Always Strapped, was the name of the song.