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Chamillionaire Has Great Instinct In Business

Chamillionaire Has Great Instinct In Business

American rapper, actor, record producer, and entrepreneur, Chamillionaire are predicting to have a net worth amount about $15million. Not even as rich as Jaz Z or Kanye West, but Chamillionaire is one of the most prominent name hip hop record producer. Chamillionaire seems to accumulate his amount of money mostly for his recording project. Chamillionaire is the CEO of Chamillitary Entertainment. Despite that he is also the cofounder of The Color Changin’ Click even the group then split in 2005. Under the Universal Records management, Chamillionaire single “Ridin'” featuring Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony won  a Grammy. In 2011 Chamillionaire leaves the universal and release his first single named Ammunition in March 2012. Chamillionaire established himself not only as a rapper and musician but also a business man and entrepreneur. Altogether, with his mate Big Ernest both have auto dealer specializing in customizing cars called Fly Rydes in Houston. After separating from Universal Record since January 15, 2011, Chamillionaire has his own record label named Chamillitary Entertainment. And seems not enough, Chamillionaire spread his business venture by owned a Tour Bus company.

I would love to say that Chamillionaire is one among rarely rapper that had great instinct in business too. Even this 33 year old man says his first love is rap music, but he is also interested in a business venture too. Chamillionaire started his professional career as the rapper by releasing Get Ya Mind Correct featuring his childhood friend raper Paul Wall in last 2002. Along with the success of that single, both then formed The Color Changin’ Click and their album  Get Ya Mind Correct sold over 150,000 copies.

Like his name, Chamillionaire is really millionaire from the hip hop industry and his other business venture. And since he has a sharp business sense, it’s easy for Chamillionaire toe earn more money.