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Chris Tucker Has So Much Debt to IRS so He is Bankrupt?

Chris Tucker Has So Much Debt to IRS so He is Bankrupt?

Rumor has it an American actor and comedian Chris Tucker is broke due he has only $2million in his account. It’s something shocking because Chris Tucker ever placed his name as one of his highest paid actors due his role in Rush Hour. The main reason that made Chris Tucker bankrupt is because has has owed so much debt to the IRS. Yeah its true that Chris Tucker used to one of the highest paid actors in Holywood. His ability as an actor and comedian help him much to conquer Hollywood and made his name equal with Will Smith or Martin Lawrence. Several movies like Friday, the Fifth Element and Rush Hour are his movies that gave him great income. It was reported that in his appearance alongside Jackie Chan in in Rush Hour 3, Chris Tucker was paid about $25million. It made him as the highest paid actor at that time. Before that, from Rush Hour 1 and 2 he has accumulated more than $23million amount money. But it’s likely that Chris Tucker today has been out of luck. This man was known with his habit arrears taxes becoming of the reason he is going to bankrupt. Chris Tucker was reported to owe taxes from 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, and 2006 which total amount nearly $12 million to the IRS. He was also reported to have a $25,812.50 mortgage payment for his luxurious waterfront house in the upscale Bella Collina. This condition is getting worse due he doesn’t appear in any movies currently or the movies he starred at is not gaining very high grossing.

Chris Tucker little was brought in his middle class family which is he already enjoying and getting everything since young. But since childhood, his parents already taught him to be a hard worker. That’s why after graduating from  Columbia High School in Decatur, young Chris Tucker decides to move to L.A to chasing his dream as an actor and comedian. He has started his comedian’s career by a frequent performer on Def Comedy Jam in 1992. Chris Tucker received wide recognition after appearing in 1995 film Friday alongside rapper Ice Cube. He then made appeared in some movies like Money Talks alongside Charlie Sheen and Fifth Elements alongside actor Bruce Willis. Chris Tucker more and more gained popularity by portraying Detective James Carter in the Rush Hour film series alongside actor Jackie Chan that make him as the highest paid actor in 2006.

Lucky for him in 2012, Chris Tucker was asked to be a cast for the Silver Lining Book movie. And rumor said that in 2013, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan will be back for Rush Hour 4 that hopefully will help him to pay some debt he owed for.