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Conor McGregor Net Worth 2017

  • Net Worth: $30 Million


“The Independent”


Conor McGregor is an Irish UFC fighter that was born on July 14, 1988 in Dublin, Ireland. Conor is a Mixed Martial Arts artist who isn’t afraid of anyone. Before signing with the UFC, Conor lived on $235 welfare checks per week from the government. In 2013 he signed with UFC and achieved a black belt in jiu-jitsu. He also trained in boxing. That is when his career really took flight.


In his first fight on April 6, 2013 he won via TKO, the fight lasted a mere one minute. Another interesting fight he was one that lasted only 13 seconds. During this match he fought Jose Aldo on December 11, 2015.

He earned $12 million for the fight. Not bad for 13 seconds!

In UFC 196 he fought Nate Diaz where he earned $15 million. At UFC 202 Connor’s opponent was Nate Diaz the second time. This time he earned a nice $25 million.


Recently, he has taken interest in boxing and he is excited to face one of the best boxer’s: Floyd Mayweather. The fight is scheduled for August 26, 2017. McGregor is projected to make upto $150 million for the fight.


According to forbes, he is the 24th highest paid athlete in the world, in 2017. In 2016. he made $34 million. The earnings were a result of 2 fights and endorsement deals.


Few Facts About Conor McGregor You May Not Know


  • Connor McGregor Cars: Aventador, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Mercedes S500 AMG Coupe, Cadillac Escalade, Range Rover, BMW 4 series, BMW 5 series, and a BMW i8. His garage is stacked.
  • McGregor used to be a plumber before he became a UFC fighter
  • He supports gay marriage and stands for equality. In support of gay marriage he tweeted:

“Myself and my team are urging everyone to please VOTE YES TO EQUALITY! Every human deserves equal rights #WeAreAllOne

  • Boxing legend Muhammad Ali is someone McGregor looks up to.