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Derek Jeter Got $10 Million from Endorsements, How Much His Net Worth?

Derek Jeter Got $10 Million from Endorsements, How Much His Net Worth?

Name Derek Sanderson Jeter
Age, Born 38 years old, Pequannock Township, New Jersey, June 26, 1974
Net Worth $150 million
Source of Wealth Baseball athlete
Endorsements Nike, Gatorade, Fleet Bank, Ford, VISA, Avon,  XM Satellite Radio,  Gillette, Skippy,  Florsheim, Discover Card and Kraft Foods/Nabisco
Assets Tampa Bay Mansion in the Tampa Bay’s Davis Islands of Bahamas, New York Penthouse UN Plaza in New York in USA, Mercedes and Porsches
Achievement Rookie of the Year Award,  Gold Glove Awards, Silver Slugger Awards, World Series MVP Award, New York Yankees career hits record
Family In relationship with model Hannah Davis

Rich, famous and talented with amount net worth estimated about $150 million are proper word for describing American baseball shortstop Derek Jeter. Despite that amount of net worth which really amazing, this man who currently playing for New York Yankees also paid about $17,000,000 for the team. In last 2010 Derek Jeter revealed that he was signed 3 years contract for $51 million with the New York Yankees. Besides, Derek Jeter also gets quite big amount of salary from companies that endorse him. He has received about $10 million a year from endorsement only.

In 1992, Derek Jeter started his professional career and pick up for 1992 Major League Baseball (MLB) Draft. He then signed a $700,000 contract with  the Houston Astros. In 1995, Derek Jeter began his career in major league and drafted by the New York Yankees. In 1996, Derek Jeter wrote his name as Rookie of the Year and earned  $540,000 for the next year contract. His achievement then make New York Yankees extend 10 year contract in 2001 for $189 million. Again in 2010, Derek Jeter signed extend 3 year contract for $51 million with the New York Yankees.

Even he was only paid $130,000 at first time joining the New York Yankees but that amount salary was increased from time to time. In 2001, it was reported that Dererk Jeter annual salary was about $12,600,000, and raised to $20,600,000 in 2006. In 2010, Derek Jeter got his biggest salary that was about $22,600,000.