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Derrick Rose Net Worth in NBA

Derrick Rose Net Worth in NBA

American professional basketball for Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose was predicted has an amount of net worth about $30 Million. Derrick Rose of course accumulate that amount of money from basket because he is also one of the notable young player in an NBA game. In his 24 years old, Derrick Rose already voted for Rookie of the Year then selected to All-Rookie Team and NBA All-Star for the 2010 NBA All-Star Game. In his very young age, Derrick Rose already showed his talent as one of dangerous basketball players in the NBA. No wonder Chicago Bulls then still keeping him and denies several offers to purchase Derrick Rose from their team. Chicago Bulls also willing to spend a lot of money due Derrick Rose really shows his ability as the point guard. Hey Chicago Bulls willing to pay him much because of Derrick Rose showing the great achievement along his career defended the team. It was reported that while joining the Chicago Bulls, Derrick Rose has collected 16.8 averages of field goal shooting, 6.3 assists and 3.9 rebounds per game. Derrick Rose also draftee to score 10 points in his 10 first game joining he Chicago Bulls that make him then claimed as the next Michael Jordan. That’s why for his extension contract with the Chicago Bylls, Derrick Rose was paid $5,184,480 salary and $5,546,160 for 2010-2011 extension contract with the team. Knowing about the skill of the Derrick Rose that still very productive, finally in 2011, the Chicago Bulls spent $94.8 million contract extension with him. And newest rumor stated that Derrick Rose again added his net worth amount by signing endorsement contract with Adidas for $250million.

Born and growing up in dangerous family, little Derrick Rose was taught basketball by his three older brothers. Since that, Derrick Rose already showed his talented skill in basketball which is attracting peoples attention outside Chicago. In 2003, Derrick Rose enrolled at  Simeon Career Academy and played as a freshman for the Wolverines. In high school, Derrick Rose started to hone more his ability and skills in basket and make everyone amazed. No wonder several NBA Major teams then competed each other to buy him. But the lucky one is his hometown team the Chicago Bulls. In 2008, after graduating from college, Derrick Rose was selected for NBA Draft by the Chicago Bulls. And finally in October, he was fully played for the team. Along his career with the Chicago Bulls, Derrick Rose shows that the team is really worth to spend that amount of money to contract him.

Derrick Rose is still very young, fit and active. That’s why people predict that Derrick Rose is still be able to raise more amount money.