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Did Woody Harrelson’s Problems Affect His Net Worth?

Did Woody Harrelson's Problems Affect His Net Worth?

Full Name, Name  Woodrow Tracy “Woody” Harrelson
Age, Born He is 52 years old, he was born on July 23, 1961 in Midland Texas U.S
Net Worth $ 65 Million
Source of Wealth Actor
Achievements He has had featured roles in several movies, including Billy Hoyle, the basketball hustler in “White Men Can’t Jump,” Mickey Knox, the serial killer in “Natural Born Killers” and “Tony” Stone in “The Messenger,” a performance that earned him an Oscar nomination. Harrelson has also received a Golden Globe and Best Actor (Oscar) nomination and another 13 wins & 22 nominations.
Family He married to Nancy Simon then they were divorced and he married to Laura Louie they have 3 children Deni Montana, Zoe Giordano and Makani Ravello

Woody Harrelson is a famous comedian and actor. He has starred some film and he has achieved about 13 won and 22 nominations of international awards. Based from his job, Woody has net worth approximately $ 65 Million. In 1995, he also got from Money train about $ 5.500.00 and Grass about $ 0.00 Million in 1999. Media reported that, in 1985 Harrelson was arrested because dancing in the middle of the street but he did not want in jail and choose to pay a fine about $ 390 Million.

He was arrested again in London because of taxi incident that he paid taxi driver approximately $ 844 Million in 2002. Woody was sued by Josh Levine who a photographer because he made trouble at a Hollywood night club. In this case, Josh asked him to pay of $ 2.5 Million for replace damages. Nowadays, his problem stops. Beside his entertainment career, he is an enthusiastic, kind, hard worker man who also as an Environmental Activist and a Peace Active. Then, he was also an ethnical vegan and he was gathered money for UNICEF. Thus, Woody Harrelson is inspiring for us about struggle life.