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Die Hard Series Ranked Bruce Willis on Forbes

Die Hard Series Ranked Bruce Willis on Forbes

German-born American actor, producer, and musician Bruce Willis deserves for $150 Million net worth. Bruce Willis already spent almost 30 years of his life in acting, no wonder in this age he can reach that amount of net worth. Bruce Willis also one of the highest paid actor in Hollywood. Even he has really started his career since he was very young and from zero, Bruce Willis proves that his hard work gave him a very sweet fruit. Bruce Willis started his acting career in very young age. He started his debut by appearing in 1980 television series Moonlighting. Then Bruce Willis latter well known as an action figure actor who always been a hero with great martials as to beat the villain. Several action movies Bruce Willis starred in are Pulp Fiction, Sin City, and  Moonrise Kingdom. But Bruce Willis really captured peoples’ attention after portraying agent John McClane in the Die Hard series. For first 1988 Die Hard movie, Bruce Willis was paid $5,000,000. It was getting increased for 1990 Die Hard 2 for $7,500,000, $15,000,000 for 1995 Die Hard: With a Vengeance and $25,000,000 for 2007 Live Free or Die Hard. It was reported that along his career, Bruce Willis has been contributed US$2. 64 billion to 3.05 billion  from Hollywood. No wonder, Forbes than calling Bruce Willis as the ninth highest-grossing actor in a leading role.

Bruce Willis started his acting career in high school by appearing in the school drama club. On his first debut on screen, Bruce Willis has been appearing in several television series like “No Exit”,  The Twilight Zone  and Moonlighting. Bruce Willis acting career as a movie actor was attracted in the 1987 romantic comedy film, directed by Blake Edwards, the Blind Date. Due to his brilliant acting, the director then asked Bruce Willis to appear in his other movies, Sunset in 1988. 1988 probably the lucky year for Bruce Willis because he then cast as an actor for detective  John McClane in the film Die Hard. The Die Hard series probably becoming Bruce Wilis biggest breakthrough since this film gave him not only much money but awards and nomination too.

Bruce Willis also best known a businessman since he also has  property in Los Angeles and a ranch in Montana. Even he is getting older, but Bruce Wilisis still productive and still has many chances to earn more money.