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Eddie Murphy Net Worth

  • Eddie Murphy Net Worth $85 million
  • He was on the show, “Saturday Night Live”, in the 80’s.
  • Murphy played roles in animated films such as “Shrek” & “Mulan”.

Eddie Murphy of Brooklyn

Brooklyn in one of the five boroughs of New York city and is known to have a high violent crime rate. In 1961, it became home to a future comedian, Eddie Murphy. Murphy would become one of the best comedians and actors of the 20th century.


Eddie Murphy Comedian

Eddie Murphy started as a comedian and later became an actor. Although they contained profanity, his comedy shows were wildly successful. For example, his “Eddie Murphy Raw” special grossed $50 million. The special came to theaters in 1987. As you can tell, this probably added a good amount to Eddie’s net worth.


“Saturday Night Live”, is a show wit comedy sketches. The sketches feature parodies of contemporary culture and politics. It began in 1975 and has had 42 seasons. It is one of the longest running shows in the Unite States. What is even more interesting is that the show featured Eddie Murphy in the 1980s. “Saturday Night Live” brought Eddie Murphy into the spotlight, as the show was popular in the United States. Eddie Murphy did very well on the show. Rolling Stone magazine has ranked him one of the best cast members of SNL.


Eddie Murphy Actor

Aside from comedy Eddie Murphy found success in movies. For instance, some of his hit films include “48 Hrs.”, “Coming to America”, “Trading Places”, and both “Beverly Hills Cop” films.


Eddie Murphy has taken part in animated films. You might recognize his vocals in “Shrek”. If you have seen the movie “Shrek”, you must remember the character Donkey. Eddie Murphy is the voice of the character Donkey. The film did $484.8 million at the box office. Murphy is a talented individual. Eddie Murphy has a net worth of $85 million, due to his appearance in films and stand-up comedy.