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Eddy Curry Net Worth and His Financial Problem

Eddy Curry Net Worth and His Financial Problem

Full Name, Name Eddy Anthony Curry, Jr “ Eddy Curry”
Age, Born He is 31 years old, he was born on December, 5, 1982 in Harvey, Illinois
Net Worth $ 5 Million
Source of Wealth Basketball
Achievements He won an NBA championship with the Miami Heat (2012). Led league in field goal percentage, 2002–03. Illinois Mr. Basketball (2001). McDonald’s All-American MVP (2001).
Family Curry was married and has seven children. One from a previous marriage, Eddy III, and four with his wife. Curry’s other two children were with former girlfriend Nova Henry. Curry has primary custody of another child

Eddy Anthony Curry, Jr is a professional basketball player. Curry played for Chicago Bulls since 2001-2005, he has also played with New York Knicks in 2005–2010, Miami Heat during 2011-2012, with Dallas Mavericks in 2012 and he played with Zhejiang Golden Bulls (CBA) in 2012-2013. He won some NBA Championship. Curry has net worth approximately $ 5 Million. In 2011, he signed around $ 1.4 Million with the Miami Heat during 1 year contract, and then he also signed for 6 year around $ 60 Million with the Chicago Bulls contract in 2005.

In 2008, Curry need for cash then he ask to the New York Knicks for an advance approximately $ 8 Million to help his financial debt. He reported that, Curry’s cost include $ 17.000 in Monthly rent, $ 30.000 in monthly household cost and $ 16.000 to pay his relative so that, he borrowed around $ 580.000 at incredible 85 % interest. Based on his financial problem, he borrowed approximately $ 4 Million for complete his home property then his household payment achieve more hat $ 25.000 in 2006. Curry’s home was in foreclosure because he owed up to $ 220.000 in mortgage payments in 2009.