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Eminem Dissed Donald Trump And Eminem Net Worth

  • Eminem has a net worth of $190 million
  • The rapper dissed Donald Trump in his latest freestyle

Eminem performs during The Concert for Valor in Washington, D.C. Nov. 11, 2014. DoD News photo by EJ Hersom


Eminem’s real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. He was raised solely by his mother. Eminem grew up poor. His mother struggled to keep a job frequently changing locations. At school, Eminem did poorly. A major part of his struggle at school may have been bullying. In high school, Marshall failed the ninth grade and decided to turn to music full-time.


Eminem live in Detroit. He started to become a part of the underground rap scene where he performed well. Marshall competed in rap competitions and gained popularity.


His rap career would grow immensely after releasing “The Slim Shady EP”, which caught the attention of Dr. Dre. In 1999, Dre signed him to his Interscope label. Eminem released “The Slim Shady LP” through Interscope.


Eminem would go on to produce many top selling records and perform with other top rappers. Today, Eminem has a net worth of $190 million.


Eminem Dissed Donald Trump 2017

Eminem’ dissed Donald Trump in a freestyle rap and it was an instant hit. He calls out Trump for being a racist. He states that white people can get away with things black people can’t. Next he had a few words to say about Trump disrespecting black athletes. In the rap, he states that any Trump supporter is not welcome to be his fan. In his rap, he draws a line in the sand that no Trump supporter can pass.


Eminem is not the only rapper trash talking the president. Rappers such as Jay Z and Snoop Dogg have also made similar statements. Although, others have criticized Trump’s presidency, Eminem has the most popular diss track.


Eminem is one of the best rappers. His career in music has made him million. Today, Eminem has a net worth of $190 million.