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He’s Already Worked with Julia Roberts and Clint Eastwood. Twelve-Year-Old Bryce Gheisar Net Worth

  • Bryce Gheisar net worth is $1 million
  • Bryce is an upcoming 12-year-old actor with immense potential to grow
  • He has been interviewed many times about his roles
  • The 12 year old has been in films with Julia Roberts, Clint Eastwood, and growing star, Jacob Tremblay

Bryce Gheisar was born in Winnipeg, Canada. He was born on December 22nd, 2004. Bryce has a brother named Blake.


  • Age: 12
  • Height: 4ft 9in
  • Birthday: December 22, 2004
  • Country of Birth: Canada
  • Upcoming movie: The 15:17 to Paris


Bryce Gheisar in Wonder

Bryce Gheisar has an estimated net worth of $1 million. He has appeared in multiple films. Bryce has even filmed a show with Disney. Bryce Gheisar got his start in the short film The Bus Stop. More recently, he acted alongside Julia Roberts in Wonder. The film was directed by Stephen Chobsky. It is based on the New York Times bestselling book with the same name. The film is about a boy with a facial deformity who has been in and out of hospitals. His parents finally decide to send him to public schools. He faces many challenges there. But, he will show everyone beauty is not on the outside.


Bryce played the role of a bully in Wonder. Bryce Gheisar said, “In Wonder I play a bully that is named Julian, and he is pretty mean but always tries to be super cool. At the end you realize he is very nice, but when he is scared he starts to act mean”.


After auditioning for the film, the young actor thought he would not get the part because his audition was not good. However, he got a call back from the director and it was a good surprise for him.



Bryce Gheisar Walk the Prank

Bryce Gheisar appeared on Disney Channel’s, Walk the Prank. The show mixes hidden camera pranks with scripted comedy. Bryce plays a kid who does not fit in among five other kids. Although, he thinks he is cool he is not. He always gets left out. But, he still gets to do all the pranks with the other five kids.


Film & Television

Bryce Gheisar is making a name for himself in the film and television industry. Recently, he had the chance to work with Julia Roberts, in Wonder. Bryce has appeared in other films and television shows as well. In 2018, he will appear in the film, 15:17 to Paris. Previously, he has appeared in Into the Who Knows, A Dog’s Purpose, the documentary Dream Chasers, and the short The Bus Stop.


Bryce has also appeared in the following television shows, Walk the Prank, The John Kerwin Kid’s Show!, and Sanders Shorts.


He has also been in a commercial for Chuck E Cheese.


Bryce Gheisar Likes Sports

Bryce is a great actor. But, he also likes sports. For instance, a few of his favorites sports are Football, Boxing and Swimming.The 12 year old has many accomplishments at a young age. He is a great actor with amazing potential. Due to his acting career, Bryce Gheisar has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Well deserved, for a young brilliant actor with loads of potential.