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How Much is Pat Sajak Net Worth and Annual Salary?

  • In 2017, Pat Sajak has a net worth of $55 million
  • As a host of the show, “Wheel of Fortune”, he is paid $1 million per month.
  • Pat Sajak served in the Vietnam War.

How Much is Pat Sajak Net Worth and Annual Salary?

Pat Sajak has net worth $55 million and his annual salary is $12 million, it means he earns $1 million per month! Where does his money come from? Pat Sajak is a former weatherman. Now he is a television personality and game show host for “Wheel of Fortune”. Pat Sajak is famous for his long hosted show Wheel of Fortune, which makes him a trademark of the show. The show has earned him millions making Pat rich and famous. Pat Sajak started his career in radio as an anchor man on WEDC. He was persuaded by his broadcasting instructor when he was in Columbia College Chicago. After he applied there, he was on the 6 am news program. During the Vietnam war, he joined the U.S army in 1968 and started DJing in Vietnam. Also, he began  broadcasting “Good Morning, Vietnam!” from there.

Pat Sajak Net Worth 2017

After Vietnam, Pat Sajak applied to become a full-time weatherman with KNBC-TV, in Los Angeles in 1977. In 1983, fortune came to him, Merv Griffin offered him to host the “Wheel of Fortune”, a game show. But he ran into a problem. The producer rejected him because he was “too local”. But Merv Griffin defended him. Griffin shut down the entire show and refused to film new episodes until the producer hired Pat. And so Pat was hired! Pat Sajak has hosted the show for over 30 years. Pat Sajak has a net worth of $55 million.

Full Name, Name   Patrick Leonard Sajdak
Age, Born  October 26, 1946 (age 68) Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Net Worth  $45 million, $12 million per year
Source of Wealth  Television personality
Game show host
Former weatherman
Achievements  won three Emmys and was even given a star on Hollywood’s walk of fame.
Family  Sherrill (1979–1986)
Lesly Brown (1989–present)has two children

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