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How Much is Pitbull Net Worth

How Much is Pitbull Net Worth

Pitbull is an American rapper who has Cuban expatiate descent. His father was a drug dealer, so was him. His parets separated since he was young, then he lived with his mother. When he was young 16 years old, Pitbull was kicked out by his mother and became drug dealer just like his father did. None expected Pitbull has one of most successful rappers in U.S, now he has $50 million net worth.

with his catchy single, he has sold many albums. He has seven and one EP album already. His album titled Miami which stands for Money Is A Major Issue is his popular album which has “Cole” titled single which ranked on top 100 Billboard charts.

Full Name, Name  Armando Christian Pérez
Age, Born  January 15, 1981 (age 33)
Miami, Florida, United States
Net Worth  $50 million
Endorsement  Bud Light, Kodak and Dr. Pepper, Voli Vodka
Source of Wealth  Rapper and record producer
Family  broke up with Barbara Alba, now single