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How Much is Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer Net Worth?

How Much is Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer Net Worth?

Stephenie Meyer is an author who is famous for her work “Twilight” series. Stephenie Meyer has net worth $125 million. Twilight has been adapted into movie and it grossed $1.8 billion world wide. It is reported that in 2010 and 1011 Stephenie Meyer got royalties from book selling and Twilight movies for $40 million. Her book have sold more than 100 million copies worldwide, she deserves with that amount of net worth and royalty.. Stephenie Meyer broke the selling record in 200 and 2009, her books sold the most copies than any novelist in the world.

Stephenie Meyer main job is writing as an author of her works, so her side job beside as an author was a receptionist. After the successful of Twilight series which has sold more than 116 million worldwide, Stephenie Meyer ranked in the top 50 highest selling author all of time, including other famous authors like Shakespeare, Danielle Steel, Stephen King and Agatha Christie. Besides as an author Stephenie Meyer is also a movie producer, she owns her movie production company named Fickle Fish Films in 2011. Fickle Fish Films produced Breaking Dawn movies and will release more movies in the future.

Full Name, Name  Stephenie Morgan
Age, Born  December 24, 1973 (age 41) Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Net Worth  $125 million
Source of Wealth  Novelist, producer
Assets  The Phoenix home
Family  Christian Meyer (married 1994) have three children