James Cameron Net Worth is Going to Make Him Billionaire

James Cameron Net Worth is Going to Make Him Billionaire

James Cameron net worth is predicted by some people and critics will increase and James Cameron will be a billionaire. Now, James Cameron net worth is $700 million. It is not hard for him to be a billionaire in the future, since James Cameron annual salary is $257 million. James Cameron who has profession as a genius director who has filmed not only successful and famous films, but also iconic films like Aliens, The Terminator, Rambo II, Titanic and his recent film which breaks the record of the highest grossing film all of time with his film Avatar which grossed for $2.7 billion worldwide. All of his films have earned more than $1.1 billion. If it is calculated with other of his films selling from DVDs, video games, merchandise and TV shows, James Cameron has generated over $3 billion net worth! No wonder James Cameron currently is the richest director of all time.

Full Name, Name  James Francis Cameron
Age, Born  August 16, 1954 (age 60) Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada
Net Worth  $700 million with $257 million annual salary in 2012
Source of Wealth Film director, conceptual artist, producer, editor, screenwriter, environmentalist, explorer
Achievements Bradbury Award, Academy Awadrs, Golden Globe Awards, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Canada’s Walk of Fame, and many more
Assets  8,272 sq ft Malibu mansion, and a submarine to film his films like Titanic and Avatar.
Family  Suzy Amis (2000–present) have four children

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