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John Elway Net Worth After His Retirement

John Elway Net Worth After His Retirement

In the sport business, especially the athletes their selves, who work as the main important role in this business has made many successful achievement both in career and wealth.There are many athletes who are paid more and become rich men. They are not only paid from their job in the field but they are also paid from the sponsors who make athletes as their icon of their products as an ad or model. The one of the successful athlete is John Elway.

John Elway is an American athlete who was born in Port Angels, Washington. John Elway ever played as the quarterback in the American football club named Denver Broncos of the NFL. Now, he is a former of the American football player. His net worth as the former football player is $45 million dollars. This net worth he got when he played in Denver Broncos and also in Baltimore Colts, the football club he also played before. Besides his career as the athlete in the football, he also own his own business, he is the co owner of the Arena Football team named Colorado Crush and he is also works as he chairman in the AFL executive committee. Those careers he did after he retired as the football player.

In 2008, he became the spokesmen for, and he wrote an NFL blog every week there and he is the executive of the Denver Broncos Football operations. Besides his business in the sport or football business, he also runs other business too, he has restaurant business, even he has two restaurants named “Elways”, which are all owned by him, he is also the former owner of five car dealerships, and the last is he is the owner of two Toyota Scion dealerships up until now.