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John Stockton Net Worth After His Retirement

John Stockton Net Worth After His Retirement

Full Name, Name John Houston Stockton “John Stockton”
Age, Born He is 51 years old, he was born on March, 26, 1962 in Spokane, Washington.
Endorsements PepsiCo
Net Worth $ 40 Million
Source of Wealth Basketball
Achievements He got Gold Medal in 1992 Barcelona and Gold Medal in 1996 Atlanta (National Team).
Family He married to Nada Stepovich, the have two daughters Lindsay and Laura also four sons they are Houston, Michael, David and Samuel.

John Houston Stockton is a professional basketball player in National Basketball Association (NBA) since 1984 to 2003. He has net worth approximately $ 40 Million. He got salary when he played in Utah Jazz (1985 – 1986) worth $ 150.000, in Utah Jazz (1987 – 1988) earned $ 278.000 and Utah Jazz (1988 – 1989) around $ 300.000. In 2003, Stockton retired from basketball career where during his career he got salary approximately $ 66.700.000 Million. Although, his salary around $ 11.000.000 per season since 1999-2001. He also signed with his endorsement deal that is PepsiCo.

Stockton played with National Team then he got Gold Medal in 1992 Barcelona and Gold Medal in 1996 Atlanta. It was reported that, Stockton became known as one of the best point guard for 16 season of all time for Utah Jazz. It was reported that, in 2009 Stockton was also inducted of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Stockton also noted that, he pointed as the 4th best point guard of all time. Based on his net worth, he has a home where located in Spokane Valley, Washington which purchased worth $ 3 Million. Nowadays, Stockton supports a charity program entitled John Stockton Educational Foundation.