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Jon Stewart Net Worth in Entertainment Business

Jon Stewart Net Worth in Entertainment Business

An American political satirist, writer, television host, actor, and stand-up comedian Jon Stewart well known to have amounted net worth about $80million. Well, this man is quite rich because Jon Stewart reported that his annual salary is $16million per year. Acting and the appearance in front of the screen probably the most pivotal source for Jon Stewart amount of money. Jon Stewart has been dedicated his life to the television and screen work. No wonder in his 50 years old, Jon Stewart accumulated that amount of money. Jon Stewart also well known as the hard worker, never give up and quite productive man so he deserves for that amount of money. Jon Stewart is reaching money as the house for of Short Attention Span Theater for Comedy Central. This man also has his own television show called The Jon Stewart Show on MTV. Seems not enough, MTV also hired him for another show entitled You Wrote It, You Watch It which is he earned mush one too. It’s likely that from his first time being a host, Jon Stewart already paid with high amount of money. Jon Stewart actually one of the prominent host in Hollywood which is many companies and production house compete each other to hire him. In 1996 while being a host for the Daily Show till 2000, this man was paid $1,500,000 per season. For the 2012 season, this man was paid about $14,000,000 . It placed Jon Stewart as one of the highest paid host in Hollywood. It’s likely that Jon Stewart accumulated not only money from the Daily show. This program also awarded Jon Stewart sixteen Emmy Awards.

Little Jon Stewart was raised in the family that devoted their lives in education field. His mother is a teacher and his father is a professor at The College of New Jersey.  In 1984 Jon Stewart attending The College of William & Mary in Virginia and showing placed his name as one of brilliant student. Since school, Jon Stewart best known as a funny man that why no wonder after he is getting older, he then works in the same field with his talent.  In 1986 Jon Stewart trying to handle the comedy club circuit but doesn’t appear on the stage until the following year. In 1989, Jon Stewart began his career in television by being a writer for the  Caroline’s Comedy Hour program. In 1992, the MTV asked Jon Stewart to be a host for the short-lived You Wrote It, You Watch It and the Jon Stewart Show. After comedian Tom Snyder leaves the Daily Show, Jon Stewart was asked to be host for the show. And through the Daily Show, Jon Stewart gains popularity and placed his name has one of the notable hosts in Hollywood.

Jon Stewart also a talented and productive writer. Some of his books that sold out make people predict that he still ha many chances to raise more amount of money.