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Judah Smith Net Worth From Preaching

Judah-Smith-speaking-The-City-ChurchJudah Smith is the legendary pastor of the City Church in Seattle, Washington. Along with that, he is also an author of several books and an internationally recognized speaker. His parents, Wendell and Gini Smith, are also pastors and are one of the founding pastors of the City Church in Kirkland, Washington. Judah Smith and his sister, Wendy Perez come in the seventh generation of pastors. Judah left Bellevue Christian School and went to Issaquah High School instead, in his youth. He also played a basketball match with future NBA star Tracy McGrady in Las Vegas. He is married to Chelsea Smith and has two sons, Zion and Elliot, and a daughter, Grace.

Smith preaches to Junior High, High School and University students, as he is the pastor of Generation Church. In the past, under Judah Smith’s guidance, the Generation Church was known to be one of the “most dynamic” youth groups in the United States of America by Ministry Today. In January 2009, Judah was named the Preaching Pastor of the City Church, so he took the role of addressing to the congregation every weekend. He replaced his father whose previous role was of this. Judah Smith is ranked very high among the list of all pastors. Him and his wife, Chelsea Smith, were named as the senior pastors of the City Church. Not only that, Smith has also spoken in many conferences such as Phenomania, the Hillsong Conference and the Youth Conference in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada.

Judah Smith is very famous for his podcasts, which can be downloaded through iTunes. In 2006, it was estimated that his podcasts had a total of 3,000,000 audiences. Also, Judah Smith used to host a show GCTV, which does not air anymore. It was by the Generation Church, and on this show Judah Smith used to talk about Bible and other topics related to that. He has also written books such as Soul Seekers, Dating Delilah, Jesus Is and Reach. These books were highly appreciated and even endorsed by celebrities like Justin Bieber.

So far, it is not know how much Judah Smith makes per annum or how much his net worth is, but with the growing popularity of this young pastor, we might just find out soon.

Full Name, Name  Judah Smith
Age, Born  October 9, 1978 (age 36)
Net Worth  Not known
Endorsement  None
Source of Wealth  Pastor, Author
Achievements  None
Assets  Not known
Family  Wife – Chelsea Smith Children – Zion, Elliott and Grace Smith Parents – Wendell and Gini Smith