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Kevin Spacey Net Worth, Is Kevin Spacey Gay, and Sexual Assault Allegations Against Kevin Spacey

  • Kevin Spacey’s net worth is $100 million
  • Spacey was accused of sexual assault by Anthony Rapp
  • Is Kevin Spacey Gay? Yes

Kevin Spacey Net Worth

Kevin Spacey is an American actor. He was born in 1959 but, didn’t make it into the spotlight until the mid 90’s. During the 1980s, Spacey was a stage actor. He was a convincing actor, which helped him gain supporting roles in film and television.


His breakthrough role was in the 1995 film, The Usual Suspects. The Usual Suspects is a crime-thriller. Spacey received an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. The film had a budget of $6 million and produced $34 million at the box office. Quite a successful film!


Spacey’s other starring roles have included Swimming with Sharks, Seven, L.A. Confidential, Pay It Forward, K-PAX, Superman Returns, and Baby Driver. Kevin is a very successful actor. He has played major roles in top films. His successful career has earned him a huge net worth. Kevin Spacey’s net worth is $100 million.


Is Kevin Spacey Gay? Yes

Yes, Kevin Spacey has come out as gay. The A-List celebrity has found the courage to confront his fans with this secret. However, many are saying Spacey chose a bad time to popularize his sexual orientation since he is amid sexual assault allegations.



Is Kevin Spacey a Child Molestor (Sexual Assault)

Hollywood has been associated with Pedophilia in the past. Recently, Harvey Weinstein was accused of rape. Even more recently, actor Anthony Rapp accused Kevin Spacey of sexual assault.


Rapp stated that Spacey had invited Rapp to a party, at Spacey’s apartment in New York. After the party, a drunk Spacey tried to force himself onto Anthony Rapp. Anthony was a minor, 14 years old, at the time.


Kevin Spacey has responded by saying that he does not remember the incident and apologized if the incident in fact did take place. Many have criticized Spacey for coming out gay during the time of sexual assault allegations because it communicates a bad vibe for the entire gay community.


Many people already associate homosexuals with pedophilia and Spacey’s actions have only reinforced this idea in those people’s mind.