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Larry the Cable Guy Net Worth and Earnings


  • In 2017, Larry the Cable Guy has a net worth of $80 million an update to his $50 million net worth previously.
    Larry the Cable Guy Net Worth and Earnings

Daniel Lawrence Whitney or best known as Larry the Cable Guy. He is an American stand up comedian and an actor. Larry and his family move to Palm Beach Florida when he was sixteen. He attended The King’s Academy. After high school, Larry started working at Wendy’s. From a young age, Larry was great at making up new characters so he quit working at Wendy’s (an American fast food chain) and started doing radio comedy in 1991. And so Larry the Cable Guy was born.

The trademark of Larry the Cable Guy is, the southern accent and talking about redneck families. Due to his comedy revolving around rednecks, he is usually dressed in a sleeveless flannel and a hat, to represent a stereotypical redneck. Larry has his own catch phrase “Git-R-Done!”. In 2000, he and his friend Jeff Foxworthy made a tour called “Blue Collar Comedy Tour”, the tour was successful and grossed $15 million. Currently, Larry the Cable Guy has a net worth of almost $80 million. An update to his previous $50 million net worth.

Full Name, Name  Daniel Lawrence Whitney
Age, Born  February 17, 1963 (age 51)
Pawnee City, Nebraska, U.S.
Net Worth  $50 million
Endorsement   Cable Guy
Source of Wealth comedian, actor
Assets  Florida Home
Family Married to Cara Withney and two sons Wyatt the cable guy and Reagan the cable guy