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Lavar Ball Net Worth 2017

  • Lavar Ball has a net worth of $4 Million


Lavar Ball was born in South Los Angeles, CA on October 23, 1968. Lavar was one of the most athletic kids in the family. He was 6’4 225 lbs. by college. For his High School football and basketball teams he was the quarterback and a small forward, respectively. When it was time to go to college he decided to go with basketball rather than football. Lavar started playing for West LA College then transferred to Washington State. Next he transferred to Cal State Los Angeles and pursued criminal justice on the side. Later he decided to play football. He played as a tight end for a season at Long Beach City College.

Lavar Ball’s Career

Did Lavar really make it to the Pros? Yes, after his college days were over. He was invited to a football tryout and signed with the New York Jets as a defensive end. After that he was loaned WLAF, World League of American Football in 1995 where he was loaned to play for London Monarchs.


Ball Family

Lavar has 3 sons their names are Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo. All 3 of his sons are into basketball and Lavar as a dad pushed his sons to be great. He started training them at a young age and explained to them the importance of work ethic.

Lonzo played for the UCLA Bruins basketball team. Recently, he was the 2nd overall draft pick for the Los Angeles Lakers in 2017. LiAngelo plays for UCLA now and LaMelo the youngest son plays for the Chino Hills High School team.

The 3 sons own fancy cars, Lonzo drives a Rolls Royce, LiAngelo has a Farrari and LaMelo just got a Lamborghini for his 16th birthday. Lavar Ball must be doing something right to spend that kind of money.


How Much Is The Big Baller Brand Worth?

Lavar Ball own the Big Baller Brand. It is a family owned business worth around $4 million. So, what does Big Baller Brand (BBB) sell? They sell shoes, shirts,hats and outerwear. They are famous for the ZO2 sneakers that are on sale for Lonzo Ball. The shoes have a sale price of $495. The 16-year-old son LaMelo Ball has his own signature shoe that costs $395.

What Is Next For Lavar Ball and Family?

The ball family will have their own show. “Ball in the Family”, is the reality show that will feature on Facebook. This reality show will feature the son’s as well. This show could be a hit similar to “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.