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LeBron James Net Worth, Endorsements, and Charity

  • Net Worth: $400 Million
  • Nike contract worth $1Billion lifetime deal

LeBron James is from a town called Akron in Ohio. Born on December 30, 1984 he was raised by his mom.  He came to the NBA from high school in 2003. James currently wears the Cavaliers jersey with a salary of 30.96 Million a year. He is famously known as “King James” and has 3 Championship rings to his name.


We all know professional athletes don’t just make money from their salary. They also earn a huge amount from endorsement deals with top brands. This has helped Lebron James gain another $55 million a year on top of his NBA salary.  


Not too shabby!



Over the course of his growing career, he has earned $595 Million in salary and endorsements.

That’s over half-a-billion dollars! Cha-ching!

LeBron started off with a 7 year $90 million contract from Nike that paid him roughly $12.8 million a year. His new Nike contract is a lifetime deal that will pay him close to $1 billion dollars. LeBron makes most of his money from endorsement deals from top industry brands like Nike, Coca Cola, Upper Deck, Kia Motors and Beats by Dre. James is also an investor for a Pizza chain in Chicago and Miami called Blaze Pizza where he owns 11 franchises. Pizza chains were one of the fastest growing chains in 2016, where sales spiked up to 205%.


NBA Career

LeBron started his career in Cleveland not too far from his home town. However, after struggling to win championships James left the Cavaliers to join Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat. After winning two championships with the Heat, he came back to Cleveland and lead them to their first Championship ever.


King James has attended 7 championship finals back-to-back, winning 3 championships and gaining the title finals MVP each time. Not to mention he has become the regular season MVP 4 times. He is on the verge to becoming one of the top players of all time.



LeBron’s foundation donated $2.5 million to Museum Ali Exhibit, to support African American history.  His foundation has helped over 1,100 kids by paying for their 4-year college tuition with scholarships. This scholarship program could add up to $40million.

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