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Leonardo DiCaprio Net Worth and His Assets

Leonardo DiCaprio Net Worth and His Assets

Name Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio
Age, Born 38 Years old, November 11, 1974, Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Net Worth $200 million.
Source of Wealth Actor, film producer
Endorsements OPPO Mobile Telecommunications for $5 million
Assets A $23 million house in Malibu, $ million Hollywood Hills house, $3,78 million mansion in Hollywood Hills, a riverhouse apartment, Blackadore Cay Island worth $1.75 million and owns a production company named Appian Way Productions.
Family Single.


Started his career in commercials and television roles as a child, none excepted Leonardo DiCaprio would be as famous as he is right now. Right now, Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, even in this world. He has earned many awards and nomination for his roles in many movies, like nominated for the best supporting actor in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”, and many more. All of those achievements in the entertainment made him rich with net worth $200 million.

Then, where is his net worth comes from? Of course his main source of money is from acting, since he is an active actor up to now. But Leonardo DiCaprio has other occupation and business too. He is also producing films and has a producing company that is owned by himself. No wonder he got that amount of net worth. From his net worth, he can have many assets like 4 luxurious houses, cars, and even an island!

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