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Lil Wayne is One of the Richest Rappers in the World

Lil Wayne is One of the Richest Rappers in the World

$110 million dollar is the amount of net worth that was owned by rapper Lil Wayne in 2011. With that amount of money, Forbes then placed this  American hip hop recording artist from New Orleans, Louisiana as one of the richest rapper in the world. Well I think its unfair to compare Lil Wayne 2011 net worth with another rapper like Jay Z or Dr. Dre, but we can’t deny that Lil Wayne is one of prominent rapper as equal as Jay Z or Dr. Dre. Music becoming pinball source income for Lil Wayne in 2011, beside that in that time he also started his luck as a producer too. Lily Wyne himself already stealing peoples’ attention and put his name as a prominent rapper after his debut studio album, Tha Block Is Hot certified Platinum by RIAA. Lil Wayne also known a s the youngest member of  Cash Money Records when he was still 9 years old. Lil Wyne received financial success after his album in 2008, the carter III, becoming most successful album for him. After that Lil Wayne another album like Tha Carter IV in 2011 also gaining financial success even not as big as the previous one. It was reported that in 2011, Lil Wayne annual salary is reaching $18 million, means that it was decreased 5million dollar because in 2010 he was reached $23 million. But due to his new project as the producer and music director, it was reported in 2012 his salary reaching $30 million, increased $12million than the 2011.

Young Lil Wayne also experienced how hard to be a black man when he was young. Grow up in the midle of broken home family, Lil Wayne then called the child by rapper Birdman. Lil Wayne himself said that actually his biological father who abandoned him and his mother is still alive. Lil Wayne is already showing his interest in music since he is very young by writing a song in his eight years old. His skill and talent as rapper the caught rapper  Bryan Williams then asked him to join  Cash Money Records when Lil Wayne is still 9 years old. Actually Lil Wayne is a bright student but he then decides to drop out at age 14 to be focused on a music career. Lil Wayne collaboration single with rapper  Birdman,  “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” placed #21  the Billboard Hot 100 in 2006.

Lil Wayne already retired or it seems hat he reduced his frequency as the rapper. Since focused as the producer and song recorder, Lil Wayne 2012 amount of net worth now much bigger than what he get in 2011.