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Lindsay Lohan Net Worth: The Fall of a Star

  • Lindsay Lohan net worth is $600,000
  • She has appeared in many ads and movies
  • She even launched a successful music career however her money management skills are not impressive.

Source: JonVilma

Lindsay Lohan is an American actress and singer who started her career leading to riches, at an early age. By the age of 11, Lindsay had appeared on television and film many times. She was born in New York.. Her father traded stocks and had trouble with the legal system many times. Her mother was a singer and dancer. Lindsay’s parents separated and reunited many times before finalizing their divorce in 2007.


Where did Lindsay Lohan’s Wealth Come From?

How did Lindsay Lohan become rich? In 1998, Lindsay appeared in the successful remake of The Parent Trap, by Disney. The film had a budget of $15 million and made over $83 million at the box office. She received a Young Artist Award for her role in The Parent Trap. This would start the success of Lindsay Lohan. In 2003, Disney released a remake of Freaky Friday. Lindsay played a successful role in the film.

One of the most quoted films is Mean Girls. It was released in 2004. The film received critical and commercial success. She also released her debut music album in 2004. The album, Speak reached platinum status even though the reviews were okay.


By now, Lindsay Lohan was becoming a household name. She was achieving success at a progressive rate. In 2005, Disney released Herbie: Fully Loaded another successful film starring Lindsay Lohan. By the age of 18, Lindsay Lohan was worth $30 million.


How Did Lindsay Lohan Lose Her Wealth?

Lohan had become a pop star and the paparazzi loved talking about her. But, she would soon start her fall. Lindsay was charged with DWI and drug possession. Due to her drug use, she spent time in rehab.


She even owed the IRS back taxes, over $200,000. Due to her irresponsible behavior including excessive partying, drug use, and not paying taxes, Lindsay Lohan net worth is only $600,000.

It is quite astonishing!

Although, she had a very successful career and should be worth millions, her actions have had a negative impact on her finances and life. But, she continues to act and appear in films. One day she may regain her wealth.