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Lloyd Banks Spends Most of His Money For the Bail

Lloyd Banks Spends Most of His Money For the Bail

American hip hop recording artist Lloyd Banks estimated net worth is about $15 million. There is a rumor spread by one of the members of the East Coast hip hop group G-Unit, he is not as rich as his mate 50 cent or Tony Yo-yo.

Some people predict that Lloyd Banks’ bad temper that forced him to pay several legal issues becoming one of the reasons why he isn’t as rich as his other mate in G-Unit East Coast. Actually Lloyd Banks is quite talented rapper that’s why he should earn more money from his job as a hip hop singer. It can be seen from his album Rotten Apple that was released on 2006 becoming #3 in the chart and has been sold about 143,000 copies only in the first week. In 2005 he is also dominated for Grammy award for Best Rap Solo Performance and  BET Awards. But due his bad temper and bad attitude, it makes hard for Lloyd Banks earn more money. But it’s likely that Lloyd Banks’ bad temper would destroy him someday. And since he is signing a contract with EMI, it’s likely that Lloyd Banks starts to earn more stable amount money.

30 years old Lloyd Banks shown his interest in hip hop path in very early stage. He is a best friend of rapper 50 cent ad Tony Yo-yo which is three of them are the member of G-Unit West Coast. Lloyd Banks is a brat since he is very young and that the reason he was dropped from school at age 16. In 1999 when his childhood friend 50 cent and Tony Yoyo decide to create a G Unit West Coast. After establishing with G-Unit, 50 cent create  his own record label by Dr. Dre and ask Lloyd Banks to join. In August 2005 altogether with Young Buck, Lloyd Banks get arrested after passing the traffic light in Manhattan. The police officer also found some weapon in the car and both were arrested and were dropped on November 8, 2006. Seems not enough, Lloyd Banks again throw his amount money to pay $50,000 for the bail due the contract problem with the promoter. Finally, Lloyd Banks is a rich man with net worth over 15 million which is huge. Try hard, may be you can be rich like him in near future!