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Ludacris’ Assets, from Record Label to Real Estate and Major Stake

Ludacris' Assets, from Record Label to Real Estate and Major Stake

With $70million amount of net worth, Ludacris then placed in #16 among 20 richest rapper alive today. Ludacris amount net worth of course very far away with his senior P Didy with amount net worth about $500 Million. But don’t underestimate him because Ludacris is one of notable and influential rapper in this world. Ludacris accumulated amount of money not only from music because he is also known as though entrepreneur and actor too. During his career, Ludacris has received a Screen Actors Guild, Critic’s Choice, MTV, and three Grammy Awards. With this achievement, no wonder Ludacris then named as most influential Dirty South artists. In 2000, Luddacris released his debut album entitled Back for the First Time. Even it did not become the most successful album for Ludacris, but his name then started to get widely recognition at that time. Ludacris then spreading his wings as an actor by appeared in some movies like 2 Fast 2 Furious, Crash, Gamer, and Fast Five. Seems not enough, Ludacris also becomes tough businessman and entrepreneur by owning his record label named Disturbing tha Peace. Despite that Ludacris also invest some of money for a real estate holding and major stake in Soul Electronics and Co owner of Conjure Cognac liquor. That’s why it was reported that in 2009, Ludacris annual salary is $10.5 million, becoming $15million in 2008, and $18 million in 2007.

At age of 9, Ludacris shows his interest to rap by writing his own rap song then joined with local rap group three years later. He studied music management at Georgia State University from 1998 to 199 and becomes one brilliant student in his college. Ludacris started his career as a radio DJ at Atlanta’s Hot 97.5. In 1998, rapper Timbaland asked his collaboration for his album Tim’s Bio: Life from da Bassment in “Phat Rabbit song. Since that people started to aware of Ludacris rap ability. And in 2000 he released his album under the major label which is in place in #4 on the U.S. Billboard 200. After this successful achievement, Ludacris started to record several albums and make him one of the most influenced rapper in the world.

Ludacris is hard worker and everyone knows it. Since he is a though venture and businessman,  it’s easy to Ludacris to raise amount his money.