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Martial Artist Chuck Liddell Net Worth

Chuck Liddell is a former Light Heavyweight Champion and a retired American mixed martial artist. Chuck Liddell net worth is estimated $14 million. He was born on December 17, 1969 as Charles David Liddell in Santa Barbara in California. Liddell has an impressive background in Kempo, kickboxing, Koei-Kan Karate, wrestling as well as Brazilian jiu-jitsu. When he started his mixed martial arts practice, he was also trained for Brazilian jiu-jitsu under the guidance of John Lewis in Las Vegas, Nevada. The MMA career of Chuck Liddell is famous for his fights against Vitor Belfort, Kevin Randleman, Amar Suloev, Murilo Bustamante, Tito Ortiz, Jeff Monson and Renato Sobral.

Chuck Liddell total money

The martial art expert made his debut in UFC in the year 1998 during the UFC 17 event in Mobile, Alabama. He sought victory in that match over Noe Hernandez. Since then, he has managed the position of being very dominant champion in the history of UFC and holds the thirteenth position for having the most knockouts after Anderson Silva. Liddell has fought 23 fights in UFC and being associated with Randy Couture, he was given the credit of brining mixed martial arts within mainstream of the entire American sports and entertainment. In July 2010, Chuck Liddell was inducted in the UFC Hall of Fame after which he retired in 2010.

The net worth of the former Light Heavyweight Champion and American mixed martial art athlete, is $14 million however, according to some other calculations, the Chuck Liddell Net Worth is estimated to be $16 million.

This boost in the net worth of Chuck Liddell can be associated with his appearances on Dancing with the Stars and Entourage, appearing in movies in which most movies were played by him, along with being a highest earning UFC fighter has a record of $4.3 million in his salary. The fighter also termed to be the Iceman, was also involved in various endorsement deals and earned millions of income.

Chuck Liddell is, as a matter of fact, the first MMA fighter who was featured on ESPN The Magazine cover. Also in January, 2008, Liddell released his autobiography which had a title of Iceman: My Fighting Life.

The fighter is married to Heidi Northcott and is living a happy life with three children named Trista, Cade and Brenden Liddell. He also served Monitronics as their spokesperson and sponsored Iceman Fighting Gears along with endorsing John McCain for the presidential election of the US in 2008.

Chuck Liddell has established himself to be the dominant champion in UFC along with being a mixed martial arts expert which eventually made Chuck Liddell total wealth to be $14 million.

Chuck Liddell Net Worth

Full name

Charles David Liddell

Age Born December 17, 1969 (46 years)
Net worth $14 million
Endorsement · Endorsing John McCain for the presidential election of the US in 2008.

· Appearing in reality shows and movies.


Source of wealth UFC fights, mixed martial arts, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, Kempo and Koei-Kan Karate.
Achievements Induction in UFC Hall of Fame, second, behind Anderson Silva, to have the most knockouts.
Assets $4.3 million salary.

Wife – Heidi Northcott, Children – Trista, Cade and Brenden Liddell.