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Mary J. Blige Net Worth

  • Mary J. Blige has a net worth of $20 million.
  • She divorced Kendu Isaacs and paid $10 million of his debt.

What’s the 411?

The nine-time award winning Mary J. Blige has had quite a career that began in the early 90’s. She released her first album, “What’s the 411?” in 1992. The name of the album was derieved from her previous occupation as a 4-1-1 operator. The album was produced by one of hip-hops finest, Sean Combs. It received positive reviews from various media outlets including People magazine. The album went 3X platinum.


Mary J. Blige – Bad Boys II

In contrast to “Whats the 411”, Mary J. Blige has released many other platinum albums. For instance, “My Life”, “Share My Life” & “No More Drama”. In 2003 Blige, appeared on a soundtrack for the film “Bad Boys II”. She co-wrote the song “Didn’t Mean” with Sean Combs. The song was featured in the film. “Bad Boys II”, was directed by Michael Bay and starred Will Smith, Martin Lawrence and others. The film saw great success.


No More Drama

With all her success, it seems the brilliant singer has not been able to escape the drama. Recently, the hit artist filed for divorce. Kendu Isaacs used to be Blige’s manager. Although Kendu had kids from a previous realtionships, the pair got married in 2003. However, things went south after 12 years of marriage.


It seems money was at the core of their problems. Blige explained to People magazine that she had been paying all the bills in the house and taking care of the debt. It turns out the debt was equal to $10million. Not to mention, Isaacs had an affair and spent an extraordinary amount of money on his girlfriend. On top of that, Isaacs took Blige’s Grammy. We are still not sure if the returned the Grammy.


Mary J. Blige Awards

May J. Blige has won many awards. For instance in 2007, she was awarded a Grammy for Best R&B song. Also, she has won BET Award for Video of the Year. She has a huge list of awards.


Mary J. Blige Net Worth & Cars

Mary J. Blige has a net worth of $20 million. Her huge net worth has allowed her to buy luxury vehicles. Blige owns a Range Rover along with two Mercedes (C300 and SL500). However, her husband took the cars hostage along with the Grammy. She has stated she only wants one of the Mercedes back.