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Montel Williams Net Worth Over $10 Million

The popular Montel Williams, full name Montel Brian Anthony Williams, is a TV celebrity. Montel Williams net worth is $10 million. Born in the famous region of Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America on July 3, 1956, he got highest popularity and considered a popular personality because of the Radio Talk Host and Actor. He went to Andover High School where he got the position of elected president of junior as well as senior classes. With a good mind, he also showed excellent performance in music and sports.

Religious growth was a prominent factor in his life. He was given proper education according to the Roman Catholic style. At the age of 8, he was an altar boy. In 2014, Montel refused to accept any religion and he escaped from the Catholicism. The most important fact about his life is that he was the student of different major faiths present in the world.

Montel Williams net wealth

Montel Williams

The father of Montel Williams was the first African American fire chief of Baltimore in the year 1992. With five siblings, Montel has enjoyed the childhood and adulthood in Baltimore. One of his sisters was present in Westminster where he got connected with the newsman Magellan. He was the best friend of Montel.

By the end of 1974, he completed his graduation and joined the U.S Marine Corps. After the completion of Boot Camp he got the promotion as a Platoon Guide. He also visited the Desert Warfare training Center known as the Spring California. The Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twenty-nine Palms was a name of this warfare center. He performed an excellent performance in order to impress the seniors. Because of the superior leadership capabilities, he was selected for the Naval Academy Predatory School at Naval Station Newport.  In 1976, he was discharged from the schools after the completion of graduation.

The CBS Paramount Television gave him a chance to appear as a host in The Montel Williams Show in 1991. In the same year, he was awarded the Daytime Emmy Award because of the excellent live talk show host. An average rating of 4.4 was obtained by the show during the season 1996 to 1997. In 2002, he got nomination for the same award. His show was also nominated for the award. Ultimately, he made a fortune and Montel Williams net worth reached the level of $10 million.

Acting and production were the basic concept for him. JAG was the first famous TV series where he appeared as a Navy Seal lieutenant. “Matt Waters” was his first production in 1996. With the passage of time, he got appearance in numerous TV shows and series as a successful actor.  Montel Williams also produced a popular movie 4Choosen in 1998.


Montel Williams received a huge level of criticism from the TV hosts and experts because of “The Montel Williams Show”. In this TV program, he promoted a person as a most popular TV guest. His show was given a title “The most terrible television show” by the TTTV award. However, Montel Williams net wealth is over $10 million that is on the top level among several other celebrities.

Full Name Montel Brian Anthony Williams
Age, Born  July 3, 1956
Net Worth  $10 million
Endorsement  Not known
Sourceof Wealth TV show, Acting, hosting, production
Achievements  Graduate from Desert Warfare training Center, Daytime Emmy Award
Assets Not known
Family 1.       SpouseTara Fowler (m. 2007), Grace Morley (m. 1992–2000) and Rochele See (m. 1982–1989).