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P. Diddy Net Worth 2017: The Highest Paid Celebrity of 2017 Pulled In a Ginormous $130 Million!

  • Sean Combs, P. Diddy Net Worth $820 Million (
  • Just shy of a Billion dollars
  • Made $130 Million in 2017
  • Most of his net worth can be attributed to business investments

Rappers are generally associated with gangs, drugs and violence. While maintaining their bad boy image in their music careers, they also make a lot of money by wearing the hat of an entrepreneur.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Sean Combs better knows as P. Diddy is more than just a musician. He is an entrepreneur. A pretty good one at that. He’s earned a whopping $130 million in 2017 that can be attributed to multiple sources of income.

The Harlem New York native has made impressive business moves. Back in 1999, P. Diddy founded the clothing line Sean John. In late 2016, he sold a majority share of the company, earning him $70 million cold hard cash!

He is also the majority shareholder of Revolt TV. The channel is featured on DirecTV, some cable systems and Verizon FiOS. Further Revolt TV has secured a deal with AT&T’s U-verse. His channel alone could take Diddy to billions.

The entrepreneur holds a share in the Pleek app. It is similar to Snapchat. However, the app allows you to respond with memes & custom fonts. Competing with Snapchat will be difficult but, if the app gains traction it could net the former rapper some serious cash.

We all know Diddy is headed for billions. We can only wait and see what move he makes next, to get there.

“All I try to do is build the maximum value for my companies,” he told FORBES in 2013. “I’d be blessed to be a billionaire … hopefully someday it’ll come true and I’ll be able to do some good with it.” –

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