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Phil Jackson is the Highest Paid NBA Coach

 Phil Jackson is the Highest Paid NBA Coach

Retired American former player and professional basketball coach was reported has amounted net worth about $45 Million. Since very young or when he played for NBA its likely that Phil Jackson already saved his money for the future. That amount of $45 Million maybe too small for professional basketball coach, but since he played basketball since very young, Phil Jackson has been paid much and high at his era. We may say that Phil Jackson already accumulated his amount of money since he was very young. Despite that Phil Jackson also best known a s legendary and great player that endorsed by several companies. Along his career, Phil Jackson was a great player that only defended two major NBA teams that are New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets. Phil Jackson played for the New York Knicks from 1967–1978, and 1978–1980 for New Jersey Nets. It was reported that Phil Jackson has already endorsed by several companies like American Express, Audi, ASUS and T- Mobile. For his coaching career, Phil Jackson was dedicating his skill for the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers. while being a coach, Phill Jackson breaks the record by becoming the highest paid coach along NBA history. In 1995, when decide to sign a contract with Los Angles Lakers. 10 years later, or in 2005, again Los Angles Lakers contract him as a coach for $30 million. And for the 2007 extension, Phil Jackson was paid about $24 million.

While attending high school in Williston, North Dakota, Phil Jackson is already showing his interest in basketball. His skill was sniffed by NBA player Bill Fitch that in the future he was coached for the Atlanta Braves. But Phil Jackson really started his career as a professional basketball player when his name was written in the 1967 NBA draft by  the New York Knicks. Phil Jackson was very notable player there, that’s why  the New York Knicks kept him for several season then trade Phil Jackson for New Jersey Nets in 1978. 9 years after retirement, Phil Jackson then asked to be a coach for the Chicago Bulls in 1989. After giving great achievement for the team, at 2005, Phil Jackson leaves he Chicago Bulls for L.A Lakers till 2011.

Everyone must be agreed that Phill Jackson is a legendary figure in the NBA. Even this man is getting bolder now, with several properties in Lakeside, Montana, and Playa Del Rey, Los Angeles, Phil Jackson didn’t have to worry about the future.