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Post Malone Net Worth 2017

  • Post Malone Net Worth 2017 is $1 million
  • Malone’s first song was released in 2015
  • He has made half of his net worth off of YouTube

Source: iHeartRadio

Post Malone’s actual name is Austin Post but Post Malone is his stage name. Malone is an American songwriter, singer and guitarist who is from Syracuse, New york and was born there on July 4, 1995. Malone became popular by releasing his first single “White Iverson” on Sound Cloud in 2015. In the first month of release, the song received 1 million reviews. After his first hit release he signed a contract with Republic Records. Another popular song he has released is called “Too Young”. He is famously known for rapping, gold teeth, braids and as a white rapper.


Where did Post Malone’s Wealth Come From?

Malone’s wealth came from his song White Iverson. It was a song reference with Allen Iverson the famous hall of fame basketball player. He posted his song on Sound Cloud and was very surprised with the amount of views it received within the first month of uploading. In 2015, Malone released an accompanying MV, which viewers have viewed more than 255,000,000 times online. His single “White Allen” reached number 14 on the US Billboard top 100, and number 5 on the top R&B songs and number 3 on the top Rap songs chart, due to a release through Republic Records. This single has gone Platinum 5 times. In 2015, he earned $300,000 overall.


In 2016, he released the long awaited debut album “Stoney”. It was another hit for Malone and the album sold over 1 million copies around the world, including countries such as Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, France, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand and the UK.


Malone also earns income by selling merchandise including sweatshirts, hats and T-shirts on his official website. He is set to earn a few thousand dollars for his various shows he has scheduled for the next three months.


Another way he earns his money is from the YouTube channel he owns. He makes $2 per 1000 views form his YouTube videos. His popular upload “Post Malone – White Allen” has been viewed over 286,000,000 times. If you do the math he has made $572,000 just from that upload.


Post Malone Net Worth 2017 is $1 million. But in few year’s he should become a multimillionaire if he keeps releasing songs that are super hits. We will have to wait and see.