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Pretty Woman – Julia Roberts Net Worth 2017

  • Julia Roberts Net Worth is $190 million
  • She is married to cinematographer Daniel Moder
  • Julia is well known for her role in the film Pretty Woman.

Pretty Woman Julia Roberts

Released on March 23, 1990 the intriguing film “Pretty Woman” portrays the story of a businessman who hires a prostitute, to attend social events. The original script for the film was not a romantic comedy. Rather, it was a tale about drug abuse and addiction. However, when director Garry Marshall joined the team as the director, things changed. The script became upbeat and the film was sold to Disney.


The changes ended up serving the film well. So well that it grossed $463.4 million at the box office, with a production budget of only $14 million.


No other films brought Julia fame like “Pretty Woman”. Julia Roberts played the role of Vivian, a prostitute, in “Pretty Woman”. The role became Julia’s biggest success and Julia got an Oscar nomination. Not to mention, she won the People’s Choice award for Favorite Actress.



Julia Roberts Net Worth

In 2002, Julia Roberts married Daniel Moder. Daniel is a cinematographer. He is well known for films such as, “Secret in Their Eyes”, “The Mexican”, and “Fireflies in the Garden”. Julia and Danny have been married for 15 years. Before their marriage, the two had worked together in the film “The Mexican”. Julia played a direct role in the film while Daniel was a part of the crew.


Julia Roberts films have grossed over $2 billion at the box office. For instance, many of her top grossing films have grossed over $100 million.

  • Ocean’s Eleven: $451 million
  •  Notting Hill: $364 million
  •  Ocean’s Twelve: $363 million
  •  Runaway Bride: $310 million
  •  Hook: $301 million
  •  My Best Friend’s Wedding: $299 million
  •  Erin Brockovich: $256 million

According to the list, Julia has made many films that have grossed over $200 million. She has worked with top actors and directors in the industry. Due to her high profile films and roles, Julia Roberts net worth is $190 million.



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