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Record Producer, Scott Storch is Bankrupt?

Record Producer, Scott Storch is Bankrupt?

With only $300.000 net worth, we can easily say that American record producer Scott Storch is bankrupt. Well hearing that Scott Storch is bankrupt is not a shocking news anymore. No mater how productive and talented he is as a reducer, his uncontrolled finance and lifestyle lead him to bankruptcy. Everyone must be knowing how talented and skillful Scott Storch as a producer for hip hop music. We may say that Scott Storch is one of hip hop notable producer in America. He proved it by owning Tuff Jew Productions LLC production company. His label, Storch Music Company has meritorious for Nox band’s popularity. Back then when he was young, his single that was in collaboration with Dr. Dre received commercial success. Seems not enough, another his hits entitle  “Lean Back” with Fat Joe in last 2004 also brought his name into popularity, unfortunately, he has spent more than he made and then make him fall into bankruptcy. After gaining commercial success it was reported that Scott Storch started to addicted to cocaine. Along his lifetime as a musician, Scott Storch was reported blowing  $6 million on cocaine. More amazingly, it was reported that this 39 year old man has been wasted about $30million in 6 months only. Media journalist reported that Scott Storch wasted $250,000 – $700,000 for luxury vehicles. In 2006, he was reported purchased a luxury mansion on Miami’s Star Island for $10.5 million plus $20 million yachts called “Tiffany”. Until last years, Scott Storch reported to owe debt to rapper Birdman for $14.5 million and $58,077.37 to 13 creditors in 7 different states.

Since very young Scott Storch already showed the indication that he is going to be a spoiled brat. He was dropping out from high school then he was expelled from home at the age of 16. After that he moved with his father in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and then showing his skill in music. In 1991, Scott Storch started his professional career by joining the hip hop group The Roots. But Scott Storch is really gaining popularity after he was in collaboration with Dr Drea and Fat Joy in 2006.

Poor Scott Storch, due his uncontrolled lifestyle and bad attitude this man should face the bankruptcy. And now people wonder what will Scott Storch do pay his tax owed and about for several people including rapper Birdman.