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Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain Net Worth

Republican Presidental Candidate Herman Cain Net Worth

Republican presidential candidate who is also a businessman Herman Cain net worth is $7 million. Herman Cain name became famous after he was elected to be a candidate from Republic party in 2012. His career in the politic was started from business, not from politic or law background. Herman Cain was the former Chief Executive Officer of Godfather’s Pizza. Herman Cain took Godfather’s Pizza after a bankruptcy and became CEO in 2002 after his success in taking Godfather’s Pizza into a stable economy. Herman Cain is a true businessman, he has been into business since in the 1980s he has been managing 400 Burger King locations in Philadelphia. Only needed three years to make his Burger King became the most profitable in the area, made Herman Cain successful in the business and as a businessman with his innovation in Burger king with “Beamer program” which made Burger King Employees have to encourage their selves to smile and make the customers smile.

Herman Cain innovation and phenomenon is not only from his career as a businessman. In 1999, after quitting from corporate world and stepping into politics world, Herman Cain started his politic career as a columnist, author and also on-the-air commentator. Even though it was not successful at his first step in politics world, which failed as U.S senate in 2004, and end p having his own radio show in Atlanta instead, but in 2010 Cain was popular by being a speaker in “tea party movement”, a group of disaffected conservatives and made Herman Cain discovered a new innovation. Cain also made a new innovation by making headlines for his “9-9-9” flat tax rate plan which by many people it came from a SimCity, a computer game. As a republican, Herman Cain doesn’t like some views like; taxes, homosexuals, abortions, and President Barack Obama’s policies.

Full Name, Name  Herman Cain
Age, Born  December 13, 1945 (age 69) Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.
Net Worth  $7 million with annual salary between $1.2 million to $2.4 million. His salary as Republican politic is $400,000.
Source of Wealth  Politician
Family  Married to Gloria Cain in 1968 have two children