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Ricky Williams Net Worth and Salary

Ricky Williams Net Worth and Salary

Former American Footballer Ricky Williams net worth is $3 million and has salary $800,000, Ricky Williams was a running back in the National Football League (NFL) and one season with Canadian Football League (CFL). He already played football since when he was in collage, University of Texas. During his football career in collage, he was one of the best player in collage, it is proven with Heisman Trophy he won. Until Ricky Williams was recruited by New Orleans Saints in 1999 where he started his debut as a professional American footballer and then got transferred to Miami Dolphins on 2002.

2006 was the worst year of Ricky Williams, he was suspended by official NFL because he was found guilty by using drugs, later he transferred to Toronto Argonauts in Canadian Football League and a year later in 2007 he returned to Miami Dolphins and in 2011 he was the member of Baltimore Ravens until he decided to retire his career in American Football and recently he starts his collage football coach. Ricky Williams is a vegan athlete.

Full Name, Name  Errick Lynne “Ricky” Williams, Jr.
Age, Born May 21, 1977 (age 37) San Diego, California
Net Worth  $3 million salary $800,000
Source of Wealth  American Footballer
Achievements  NFL: Pro Bowl (2002), AP First-Team All-Pro (2002), NFL Rushing Leader (2002), Pro Bowl MVP (2002), 10,000 Rushing Yards Club.
Family  Ricky Williams is a father of six children from three different women, currently he is married to Kristin Barnes his longtime girlfriend which he married in 2009.