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Rock n Roll Entrepreneur Gene Simmons Net Worth

Rock n Roll Entrepreneur Gene Simmons Net Worth

KISS is a legendary rock band from planet earth, and the pioneer of this legendary band is Gene Simmons. KISS is a very phenomenal and popular band, with that popularity, how much is Gene Simmons net worth? Gene Simmons net worth is $300 million. Gene Simmons is a Jew, he was born in Haifa, Israel until he was 8 he moved to U.S and adopted his mother name to Eugene Klein as his mother’s name is Florence Klein.

in the 80’s Gene Simmons played for Hollywood films until he started his own record label named Simmons Recording. With his band extreme make up, he became popular with his band got job to play tour and performed in many popular shows such as MTV Unplugged. Gene Simmons also directed film, he directed Detroit Rock City, he also has his reality shows named Rock School and Gene Simmons family Jewels.

Full Name, Name  Chaim Witz
Age, Born  August 25, 1949 (age 65)
Tirat HaCarmel, Israel
Net Worth  $300 million
Endorsement  Republican Mitt Romney,
Source of Wealth  Musician, singer-songwriter, record producer, actor, entrepreneur
Achievements  Golden God award by the Revolver magazine
Assets  SimmonsRecord, $2 million L.A house
Family  Living together with Shannon Tweed and having 2 children