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RomanAtwood Net Worth as a YouTube Celebrity

romanatwook net worth as a youtube celebrity

Roman Atwood is an american YouTube sensation. He creates prank videos and has over 800 million views on his main channel as of 2014. He is especially well known for hidden camera pranks that he does on his channels. Roman grew up in Ohio and created videos for fun when he was young. His most famous YouTube video is “Anniversary Prank Backfires!!”. It has over 60 million views. The video is hilarious. Atwood was planning to prank his girlfriend saying that he cheated on her. However, this backfired and his girlfriend actually pranks him back and says she cheated on him. This turned out to be funny for the both of them in the end. His girlfriend saw Roman put the camera in place in order to capture everything on camera. Roman Atwood has done many collaborations with other YouTube stars which can be seen in his channel.

Apparently, Roman Atwood also has his own clothing line selling shirts, sweatshirts, and more. It is called the Smile More StoreTo determine RomanAtwood Net worth as a YouTuber is difficult since it is not public knowledge. However, sources have guessed that he grosses over $850,000 per year.

Full Name  Roman Atwood
Age, Born  32 and born on May 28,1983
Net Worth  ~$850,000
Endorsement  None
Source of Wealth  YouTube advertisements
Achievements  None (yet)
Assets  Not known
Family  Girlfriend