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Sarah Jessica Parker Net Worth Crosses 90 Million!

Sarah Jessica Parker net worth is around $90 million. An American actress, singer, model and a producer. She was born on March, 25 1965 in Nelsonville, Ohio, US. The actress is popular for her leading role under the name of Carrie Bradshaw in the famous HBO TV series ‘Sex and the City’. The TV serial was aired from 1998 to 2004. This role not only gained her appreciation from her female fans as she became their favorite columnist Bradshaw but, the role also managed to earn her 4 Golden Globe Awards, 3 Screen Actors Awards and 2 Emmy Awards.

Sarah Jessica Parker was the fourth among eight siblings and led her childhood in relative poverty after the divorce of her parents. Her father was an aspiring writer whereas; her mother was an elementary school teacher. Under such a situation, parker was grown with having two different kinds of training, singing and dancing. This led her to bring in paychecks to her home at an early age. The first TV show of the actress went on-air when she was only eight years old, in 1976, after she won the first Broadway role in The Innocents. This fledging of her career made her family to move on to New Jersey so as to develop her career.

Sarah Jessica Parker net worth

Sarah Jessica Parker gained much prominence from the cult role in Sex and the City which not only contributed to her career greatly but, also made her earn much wealth and it has helped to Sarah Jessica Parker Net Worth to reach the of around $90 million. In 2008, the actress also starred in the feature film based on the same show Sex and the City: The Movie as well as its sequel in the name of Sex and the City 2 which was released in 2006 and which bought her $290 million. The actress also did not stray far from her association with fashion lover role in the show.

Sarah Jessica Parker also launched her own fashion line under the title of ‘Bitten’ under a partnership contract with the discount chain of clothing, Steve and Barry. The fashion line included clothes and accessories which were priced $20 and were exclusively available at Steve and Barry’s outlets. All her clothes were designed by Halston along with including a line of fragrances which were rendered to be the best selling including NYC which earned her $18 million in the year 2010. The actress holds the credit of appearing in various other films including Married and Cheating (2013), Sellebity (2013) as well as Escape from Planet Earth (2013).

The American actress has married one time and has three kids. Sarah Jessica Parker net worth has an estimated $90 million which is a result of her cash control since she spends less then she is earning.

Sarah Jessica Parker Net Worth

Full name Sarah Jessica Parker
Age Born March, 25 1965 (49 years)
Net worth $90 million
Source of wealth Acting and Modeling
Achievements 4 Golden Globe Awards, 3 Screen Actors Awards and 2 Emmy Awards
Assets Cars and Houses
Family 1 Husband and 3 children.