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Shannon Sharpe Net Worth

  • Shannon Net worth is $12 Million
  • He is former retired NFL who played for Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens
  • Sharpe is co-host on TV show Undisputed on Fox Sports

About Shannon Sharpe

Shannon Sharpe is retired NFL player that played for the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens. Shannon was born on June 26, 1968, in Chicago, Illinois. After his career was over he was an Analyst for CSB Sports. After that now he is co-host of TV show called Undisputed on Fox Sports with his partner Skip Bayless. Shannon has had a very successful football career where received high valued contracts and also was inducted into Pro-Football Hall of Fame.

He started his career with Denver Broncos in 1990 and ended his career with them in 2003. Shannon won two super bowls with the Broncos and he played two year’s with Baltimore Ravens where he won another championship ring.

Now he has been inducted in the Hall of Fame and Savannah State University has retired his Jersey (No.2).


 TV shows

Shannon was analyst for CBS for 10 years before he was let go in 2014. On his Twitter account he tweeted “I not be part of the NFL today on CBS this fall. Although sadden and disappointed, I’m grateful of 10 yrs I was.”

He now co-hosts the show called Undisputed on Fox Sports with Skip Bayless. Skip and Shannon go back and forth debating Sports news to entertain the viewers.