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Singer Tim McGraw Net Worth

Singer Tim Mcgraw Net Worth

Tim McGraw has net worth as an American singer and actor with estimated net worth $65 million. Tim Mcgraw has released many albums and has sold it for 40 million during his career and won many awards. There is an interesting story about Tim McGraw, when he was a kid and he grew up, he raised by his parents and believed that his father Horace smith was his real biological father. Like in the drama serial, it took years for Tim Mcgraw to realize his real father, when he was 11 years old, Tim Mcgraw was searching in his mother’s closet, Tim Mcgraw found his birth certificate, it was writen his biological father was Tug McGraw. Then his mother met Tim McGraw to his real father. But sadly, Tug McGraw denied Tim McGraw as his biological son. Until Tim McGraw 18 years old, he grew up just like his father, Tug McGraw, and his father acknowledged Tim McGraw as his son, it took seven years to realize that. They remained close until his father, Tug McGraw died in 2004. Tim McGraw married with country singer Faith Hills and they have asset of a farm that is worth $20 million.

Full Name, Name  Samuel Timothy McGraw
Age, Born  May 1, 1967 (age 47)
Delhi, Louisiana, United States
Net Worth  $65 million
Source of Wealth  Singer and actor
Achievements  Billboards Awards, Grammy Awards, Academy of Country and many more.
Assets  $2.550.000 Nashville mansion, $20 million County Farm, and Goat Cay island.
Family  married to Faith Hills in 1996 and have three daughters, Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey.